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Company profile

DingChuang is located in China, Specialising in CNC metal spinning . We have done the high precision and large CNC spinning parts in the market,The majority of parts are automobile and military fields .The company factory building covers an area of about 6000 square meters .We have seven years experience in metal forming technology,supplying spinning products of high quality for the numerous companies. 

DingChuang works on metal spinning with focus on innovation of the spirit to improve technology and the production efficiency, with the principle of integrity and quality number one to cooperate with customer ,we have scientific management system and strict attitude to control the quality of the products, striving to make customers more high-quality CNC metal spinning products.

Spinning products of different fields

the spinning product in different industry

Shock absorber shell    Three-way catalyst     Silencer     Signal cover     Liner

Fan inlet     Bucket     Radome     stainless steel tableware     Funnel     Lampshade

Company environment 

cnc spinning process

CNC machine tools

①We choose the appropriate spinning machine to process according to the features of the product.

②We customize the CNC spinning machine if you have a large number of spinning products.

③We have another machine tools:stamping、pressing、laser welding and laser cutting.

cnc spinning machine design

Customized CNC spinning service

We provide CNC spinning process,metal spinning forming services,we will give you good technical suggestion and support about the spinning product .

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CNC spinning mold period 

   0<diameter<300mm : mold material - 45 #    mold period - 8 days.

          mold material-Cr12    mold period - 10 days.

300<diameter<500mm : mold material - 45 #    mold period - 12 days.

          mold material-Cr12    mold period - 16 days.

500<diameter<700mm : mold material - 45 #    mold period - 20 days.

         mold material-Cr12    mold period - 25 days.

700<diameter<900mm : mold material - 45 #    mold period - 30 days.

         mold material-Cr12    mold period - 35 days.

        diameter>900mm : we will review you according to the drawing 

CNC spinning debugging period

Simple spinning product sample : two days 

Complex shape product sample : five days

If you have some special requirement ,such as uniform thickness ,diameter precision ,you should email the drawing to us ,we will reply to you as soon as possible. 

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