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Spinning competitive products

CNC spinning competitive products

   You can watch the CNC spinning process videos of our company in YouTubeYouTube CNC spinning video

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CNC spinning Machine 


We provide product production as a whole

Metal spinning  δ  stamping  δ  stretching  δ  laser welding  δ  polishing  δ  laser cutting

different processing ways

Project and solution advantage

① We have seven years experience to make CNC spinning products. 

② We make many different fields of spinning product successfully so far.

③ We are familiar with the property of different metal material.

④ We have different types of advanced machines to process mold and products .

Which metal material we spin 

Aluminum : 1060 / 3003 / 5052 / 5251 / 6061                  Copper : C10 100 / T1

Steel : SPCC / DC04 / Q235                                              Silver : IC-Ag99.99

Stainless steel : 201 / 304 / 316                                            Titanium:TA1

CNC spinning quality and capacity

① Surface : inner surface is smooth , outer wall surface has thin and uniform spinning line.

② Precision : 0.1mm diameter precision is highest; 0.05mm height precision is highest.

③ Size : Maximum diameter 1.0m, length 0.5m, thickness AL 6 mm.