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Several important technical requirements of metal spinning products

Author: DE-SHENGClicks: 1374Published time: 2017-02-14

Metal spinning is a new metal forming technique in manufacturing industry .many metal products are made by metal spinning ,the mold cost is cheap and sample period is quick ,so many company choose spinning to process products .There are several aspects you should consider and know before you design or check a spinning part .


The ductility of stainless steel and titanium is not good ,if the height is too high ,material is easy to crack in sheet spinning progress. Height is not more than 1.5 times the diameter at best . Aluminum and steel is easy to form ,the height of aluminum sheet metal spinning  can reach 400-600mm commonly ,but the height of stainless steel just can reach 250mm at most .

The precision of height is easy to control by CNC spinning ,it can reach 0.3mm precision commonly ;but hand spinning can't control the precision as it is cutted by hand .


The thickness of metal spinning product is not uniform.if you choose sheet metal spinning ,the material will be stretched thinner , the thining rate is about 30-50%, the thickness of CNC spinning is more uniform than hand spinning ,hand spinning doesn't have a uniform force in the forming process ,so the thickness is not good in every cross section,but CNC spinning is better . if your product has some special requirement about intensity ,you should ask the spinning technician to know the thickness of actual product after spinning .


It is harder to spin when the shape is complex ,let's see the picture in the following ,the shape is complex and we should use the neck spinning in the step two ,we should consider the demoulding problem ,so a part of the mold of neck spinning is empty ,and this part is hard to control the precision .

complex shape of metal spinning


The thickness effect the intensity of spinning product ,but increasing  the thickness will improve the cost of material ,you can design reinforcing rib like the following picture .the intensity of spinning is better than other processing in same condition .of cause, the intensity of metal spinning is better than other process like turning ,stamping ,pressing in the same condition .

The influencing factors of spinning intensity


The precision of metal spinning is harder to control than other processing ways.

Diameter about 50mm: the precision of aluminum is 0.1mm at best in CNC spinning .

                                      the precision of stainless steel is 0.3 at best in CNC  spinning .

The precison of hand spinning is bad ,it is about 1mm commonly .

metal spinning can't control good precision directly,but lathing does it better .

⑥Surface effects

Good spinning product has uniform and lines on the surface usually .if you want to painting  ,oxidation or polishing ,thin and uniform lines can reduce the polishing cost .if the surface is not smooth .Spinning path and clearance may have some problem.