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How to choose a right CNC spinning machine

Author: DE-SHENGClicks: 2120Published time: 2017-03-24

Many customers consider to buy CNC spinning machine, in addition to consider the price of the equipment and the use of performance, you should pay attention to several important problems like the following introduction in details.

CNC machine tool

① According to the thickness of product to choose a CNC spinning machine
When the wall of the product is thick , or diameter precision requirement is high, it need to consider the rigidity and stability of CNC spinning machine production, the product can make sample doesn't mean to process smoothly for a long time ,the rigidity and stability of equipment is not good cause finished product scrap rate is very big, or equipment used for a period of time after wear too fast, resulting the rigid and machining accuracy decline and reduce production stability. so you should consider to buy a sheer spinning machine ,enough it is expensive .

If the wall of the metal spinning product is thin and it doesn't need high precision ,you just buy a common machine without big spinning force ,it saves the cost of the machine ,but you should consider the running speed of the tool post ,that can improve the production efficiency .

② According to the material type of product to choose a CNC spinning machine
If it is used for the production of aluminum, equipment should have high feed rate, it can improve the efficiency of production, if it is used for production of stainless steel, equipment should have high rigidity .Because the processing of stainless steel need strong spinning force, if the process force of equipment is not enough ,equipment will shake and the precision of product is not good as the material rebound . Long-term high speed feed can accelerate the wear of the equipment.

③ According to the size of product to choose a CNC spinning machine

If the blank sheet diameter over 1m ,the quality is heavy ,you need two people to put the sheet or using the crane ,you should consider whether the machine is convenient to put the blank sheet ,if the structure of  CNC spinning machine is designed not we'll to put sheet ,it impacts the production efficiency .

If the height of the product over 0.6mm, when the product is finished in the mold ,you should consider whether the demoulding size is enough ,the design of tail stock is important in this situation .

④ How to choose the tool post of the CNC spinning machine

The tool post is another important factor to impact the production efficiency .If the rigidity of tool post is not enough ,the sheer metal spinning is not good ,if the speed of changing parting tool is slow ,it wastes production time ,you should take into consideration these two factors. 

⑤ According to the technical level of spinning technician to choose equipment 
For some difficult products, the production is easy to appear unstable factors,it needs technicians has good debugging skills , and control the stability of the production, if the technician can't control the machine long-term continuous production, the use of CNC spinning machine value will reduce a lot.

⑥ customized special CNC spinning equipment for a large number of products 
Special spinning equipment can promote production efficiency and make sure the product quality. and reduce the production cost.